As SAHM’s, we know the best way to clean stove tops, drip pans, cabinets, doors, drawers, countertops, appliances, baseboards, woodwork, refrigerators and more.



Ever had a cleaning service that just didn’t cut it when it came to bathroom cleaning? As SAHMs, we are not only qualified by experience, we are experts in funk you can’t see.


Remaining Rooms

This is where having a SAHM clean your house really makes a difference. We clean your home as if it was our own, which means you are getting high quality, done quickly.


SAHM Clean was started by a Stay-at-Home Mom in Liberty Hill, TX who saw a need for a cleaning service that cleaned your home the right way, the first time, and was affordably priced.

There is no person more qualified to clean your home than a SAHM. At any given moment they could be cleaning mud from a wall, food from a couch, chocolate from a rug, and all of this by the time the kids get home from school.

SAHM Clean was started by a SAHM and ONLY has SAHMs cleaning your home. So no more language barriers you have to overcome or big-box expensive maid services, just honest, affordable house cleaning by the most qualified individuals on the planet!

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The SAHM Clean Benefits

There are some major benefits to hiring a SAHM to clean your Liberty Hill home.

Not New To Us

There is no mess we are not capable of cleaning. If you have kids, you know what they can do!

Better Than Clean

Clean enough is definitely not good enough. We clean your home as if it was our own, that simple.

SAHMs in Liberty Hill

This means we are close and can arrive quickly for any spur of the moment cleans such as last minute parties.


Over Qualified

Cleaning house is just one of many things we do well. Kicking butts and taking names are a few others.

Done Quickly

We have our own homes to clean, kids to pick up, and errands to run, so we don’t mess around!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We thrive on referrals. This is why we pledge to clean your house perfect the first time or you don’t pay!

Liberty Hill's Premium House Cleaning Services

Services Our Clients
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Our house cleaning company is on the rise in Liberty Hill. People sure like having a SAHM clean their home! Below is the list of services our Liberty Hill customers choose us for.

Regular Cleanings
Move In/Out Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
One Off Cleaning
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We strongly believe our company survives on what our clients say about us.

Need Your House Cleaned The Right Way? Hire a SAHM to do it!

Our team is simply local Liberty Hill Stay-at-Home Moms that know how to get the job done quickly and properly.
Give us a call today at 512-337-6428 or request a free estimate.

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